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7 Best Soups for Fall in Vancouver, WA


When you hear the word “fall” what comes to mind first? Leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and the return of cozy sweaters are high on the list, but there’s no denying that autumn is soup time. The smell of spices and roasting vegetables perfumes the air and warms your home as flavors simmer together and turn into something delicious. Read on for seven of our favorite soup recipes and prepare for the tastiest season yet!


Roasted Vegetable Harvest Soup

While most soups will have you cook the vegetables in the same pot as the broth to reach desired tenderness, this Roasted Vegetable Harvest Soup brings out a special touch your veggies can only get with a good bake. Try this recipe without blending to keep the chunks whole for a different take and cherish the goodness you can see in each spoonful.


Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin patches, pumpkin cookies, Pumpkin Soup. Now that it’s fall, it just makes sense to make the most of this versatile squash and that means adding it to your soup regimen. Though this recipe doesn’t mention it, I recommend saving your seeds to roast and add as garnish like the previous recipe mentions.


French Onion Soup

Ooh la la! French Onion Soup is a favorite in our home. I mean, at what other time can you get away with eating a whole onion without feeling like a certain famous green ogre? The trick here is to really take your time on caramelizing the onions to bring out the best flavor. Once the bowls have broiled and the gruyere is nice and melty, serve this dish up with a glass of red wine and enjoy!


Lobster Bisque

Despite lobster being more associated with the east coast, that doesn’t stop a good recipe like Lobster Bisque from finding its way into tummies all over — Vancouver included! I love how rich this soup is and that it makes the most of all ingredients by using the tail shells to simmer a fresh lobster stock to perfection.


Chicken Noodle Soup

The very mention of Chicken Noodle Soup reminds me of being a kid and having grandma fix up a batch to help break a cold. Even if it didn’t remedy being sick, it solidified itself as a go-to comfort food and the nostalgia factor makes it taste even better. Once you get the soup part down, try your hand at making homemade egg noodles to take this dish to the next level.


Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

South of the border flavor abounds in this simple Vegetarian Tortilla Soup reminiscent of taco night. Kick it up a notch by adding a couple of jalapenos cut into thin rounds for extra spice. This soup is sure to warm you from the inside out and keep you coming back for more.


Creamy Corn Chowder

Corn on the cob in a bowl and no strings to get caught in your teeth? Sign us up! This Creamy Corn Chowder is chunky in all the right places and smooth where it matters to satisfy lovers of all textures. You can even crunch it up with the addition of crispy fried onions or croutons.

Now that you have a soup for each day of the week, it’s time to get cooking! Once you get through the whole list you’ll basically be a SOUPer hero and can start getting creative by substituting different ingredients and making up completely new soups to impress friends and family. Let us know if you enjoyed this blog or suggest a topic we should cover in the future by dropping us a line over on Facebook or Instagram. See you next time!