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Back-to-School Tips and Tricks

You know what they say, all good things must come to an end and with summer flying by, back-to-school season will be here before we know it! To get ready for the new school year, we thought we would share with you our favorite tips and tricks to keep you organized during this busy season! 

Remember when we all bought a planner at the start of 2020 and then never used it? Now is a great time to get back into the routine of scheduling out your days! Whether you’re a student who needs to stay on top of your studying or a mom who needs to keep track of your carpool schedule, check out these planners from Target to keep you organized! 

There’s nothing more stressful than the early morning rush trying to get everyone out the door on time! One time-saving tip we have that may reduce the number of tardy slips your student receives is laying out your children’s outfits the night before. To be even more proactive, check the weather ahead of time so you plan accordingly!

Having a dedicated workspace not only boosts productivity but also makes learning fun! It can be as simple as a designated desk or as elaborate as a dedicated home office as long as it has all the necessary supplies your student needs to succeed! Stop by our local Office Depot for this season’s coolest school supplies!

Between carpool rounds, homework, and extracurricular activities, getting dinner on the table every night sounds nearly impossible. Luckily, these healthy and quick school night dinner recipes will keep you and your little ones fueled for whatever life throws your way! 

At Acero Haggen Park, we know what a hectic time of year this can be for our residents, but when you follow these tips and tricks, you’re sure to have the best first day of school ever!