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Best Hiking Trails Near Vancouver WA | Acero Haagen Park

The Pacific Northwest is known for its lush green vegetation and abundant bodies of water making it one of the best places to find beautiful parks and hiking trails. This weekend, make some time to go out and explore the many nature filled parks near Acero Haagen Park. Here are some of our favorite local parks and trails for you to visit on your own or with your friends. 


Salmon Creek Trail 

Salmon Creek Trail is located just 20 minutes away from your home at Acero Haagen Park. The trail features scenic landscapes of forest-like vegetation with a beautiful backdrop of Mount Hood. In case you’re having trouble finding it, the trail begins at the Klineline pond and follows the serene Salmon Creek for approximately 5.9 miles. An important thing to keep in mind when visiting Salmon Creek Park is that because this trail is heavily trafficked, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. However, this trail can be enjoyed with your furry pal as it is a dog friendly trail. 


Vancouver Lake

Take in the beautiful scenery of Vancouver Lake as you hike along its coast for a moderate 4.3 miles. This time of the year is perfect to visit this trail as the terrain is dry, wild flowers are blooming, trees are lush green, and the sky is clearing up. The trail is dog friendly as well but must be kept on a leash as the path is traveled by families and trail runners. It should be mentioned that the trail is partially paved making it accessible for bikes and strollers. Make sure to bring a camera to capture beautiful views to share with your friends later.


Cougar Creek Trail

Cougar Trails Loop is a year round open trail stretching a short 2.8 miles with dense forest vegetation making an easy and quick way to get out of the city and experiencing nature. Cougar Trails Loop offers pleasant views of Cougar Creek, a small tributary of Salmon Creek. The trail’s main attraction is a shark tooth shaped stone hanging from a gate reminiscent of a Japanese-styled gates, or Toriis, located under tall green pines. A strange sight but a fascinating one nonetheless.


We hope you were able to find a trail that resonates with your taste. Whether you’re looking for a short 2 mile hike or a longer 6 mile trek, Acero Haagen Park is located in a prime location. Don’t forget to bring a blanket so you can rest up after your hike and enjoy the beaches of Vancouver Lake.