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Best Houseplants and Plant Nurseries in Vancouver, WA

So you’ve moved into your home and now you’re wondering about ways to elevate your living space. Well, if you don’t have any yet, adding houseplants is a great way to do it! Now you may be tempted to buy a fake plant because you don’t have to worry about them dying, but there are actually many indoor plants that are easy to take care of, especially for first-time plant owners! Not only that, but these plants offer a variety of benefits that you can only get from the real thing. Here we’ll share some of the best houseplants for plant parent beginners, along with great nurseries to check out in Vancouver!


Snake Plants: These spiky plants are on almost every first-time plant buyer’s list. You can care for these plants very similar to how you would care for succulents, which means barely doing anything at all! Yes, though these plants love bright light, they also survive well in low light conditions. They can also last quite long without water.  Snake plants have great air purification qualities as well, known to filter out chemicals in the air.


Pothos: Another popular beginner plant, pothos is a great choice, especially if you love trailing plants you can hang up! This plant is very forgiving to both under and overwatering and can also thrive in a variety of lighting conditions. The best part is that once they grow long, you can cut off the ends and propagate a new one!


Rubber plant: Another resilient plant, the ficus elastica (rubber plant) is perfect for beginners, especially those who may have a tendency to forget about their plants. They thrive in shaded lighting, but you can place them anywhere and they’ll do fine.  Also known to clean the air, you’ll find a chemical-fighting friend in this one as well. 


Now that you’ve got some starter plants, you’re probably wondering where you can find them! We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite plant nurseries in Vancouver, WA in this list below:

  • Shorty’s Garden Center (open daily, 10-minute drive away)

  • Hayes Family Growers ( open daily, 7-minute drive away)

  • Suburban Succulents (open Fri-Sun, 12-minute drive away)


We hope this list helps make plants less intimidating and encourages you to give them a try. If you find any favorites, share them with us on social media!