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Best Neighborhood Coffee Shops - Part 2

The Pacific Northwest is known for its coffee fanatics and our area is no exception. You can hardly go a block without spotting one of the many shops around, large chains and locally-owned single locations alike. You may already be familiar with a few of our favorites if you read our first blog. Now it’s time to explore another set of coffee shops conveniently located near our community of Acero Haagen Park.


Peet’s Coffee 

Though you can find Peet’s Coffee in the aisle of your local grocery store, you haven’t truly had their coffee until you’ve visited one of their brick and mortar stores for an expertly crafted drink from their trained baristas. In fact, the entire history of the chain and its founder revolves around a dedication to quality supply and roasting. Beyond their delicious coffee, they also offer multiple types of tea and can whip up a frappe to rival that of Starbucks.


Brewed Awakenings 

High-quality beans from around the world are carefully hand-roasted in an artisan style for a full flavor that is sure to turn you into a regular of this family-owned business. Not to mention their daily fresh-baked pastries made with personal recipes! They have a variety of coffee from around the world, each with a unique flavor profile made to take your taste buds on an international expedition.


Gold Cup Coffee House 

If laid-back ambiance is something you crave with your cup of coffee, Gold Cup Coffee House is the place for you! A quick scroll through their Instagram page shows off photo-worthy latte foam art and glimpses of their minimalist interior space featuring hardwood furniture and lots of plants. Try their rose latte when you get a chance! It’s delightfully floral and comes with dried petals crushed on top.

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