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Crate Digging Adventures | Best Record Stores in Vancouver

Looking for a new spot to go crate-digging for your next record? Acero Haagen Park is just minutes away from some of Vancouver’s best record stores. Whether you’re looking for brand new LPs or looking for rare collectibles, these places have it all. Allot some time this weekend to go on a treasure-hunting adventure with your friends. Here are our favorite record stores in Vancouver, WA where you can go pick up your next vinyl.

1709 Records

1709 Records is a small record store just south of the Arnada neighborhood. Here you’ll be able to find everything including old school hip-hop records, new-age pop chart breakers, classic 90s albums, and more. What’s cool about 1709 is that you can bring your old unwanted records and trade them in for cash or something that fits your current taste. You can find their doors open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 pm. Check their Facebook page out to learn more.

Everybody’s Music

For the last 20 years, Everybody’s Music has been serving the Vancouver community. Not only will you be able to find vinyl records for as low as 50 cents, but numerous music lover collectibles including CDs, iPods, stereo equipment, and guitars so you can play along with your favorite acoustic record. Everybody’s music also boasts the largest selection of vinyl records in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area. Pay them a visit on the same trip to 1709 Records in case you couldn’t find what you were looking for, they’re only a four-minute walk away from each other!


Just a short 15-minute drive from Acero Haagen Park you’ll find FYE. At FYE you’ll be able to find speakers, turntables, headphones, and most importantly records. FYE is more of a large retailer therefore you’ll have access to in-store exclusives and limited edition LPs that you won’t find anywhere else. A good example is Radiohead’s OK Computer fan pack. While you’re at the shop make sure to browse through their selection of movies, collectibles, apparel, and games. Check out their website before visiting to get a better picture of everything they have to offer.

We hope one of these record stores in Vancouver piqued your interest. You never know what you’ll find hiding in those wooden crates. Part of the fun is going through boxes of records just to find what others have missed. Let us know if we missed one of your favorite spots. We wish you the best in finding something fresh and new!