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How to Keep Your Apartment Warm on a Budget


As the rainy season sets in, you may be wondering how you’re going to stay warm. Besides the obvious answer of cozy socks and the built-in electric fireplace of your apartment at Acero Haagen Park, there are a few tricks to keep your home at the ideal temperature without raising your heating bill.


Add Cozy Textiles

Did you know that an uninsulated floor can lead to a loss of over 10% of the heat in your home? You can combat this by adding thick area rugs to your floors as an extra layer of cushioned insulation. Complete the cozy atmosphere with plenty of soft blankets and throw pillows on the couch available for snuggling. Our circulation slows down when we sit so having blankets to cover up with while binging your favorite show or working on a craft project can keep you warm without having to turn up the heat. Even in the bedroom you can add an extra blanket to the bedspread and switch out your sheets for flannel ones for an extra cozy sleeping experience.


Make Dinner

A sophisticated kitchen isn’t just good for creating a delicious meal. The heat from using the stove and oven can add heat to your home. Not only will you save money by making your own food rather than eating out, but your home will smell as delicious as your meal! Leave the oven door open when you’re done cooking to help the heat circulate and make the most of all that energy.


Watch Those Windows

Being strategic about your windows can drastically change the warmth of your home. Cold winter wind can often sneak in, even around energy-efficient windows and doors so a draft stopper is the first item to add to your winterization kit. WIndow film kits are available to seal up your windows during the colder months, though we recommend staying away from the ones that adhere directly to the glass of your windows. Curtains can make a difference too. Thermal drapes help create a buffer between the window and your home, reducing heat loss. Don’t worry, you don’t need to keep it dark all the time. Opening the curtains during the day can let in the sunshine to help heat your home naturally. Here in the Pacific Northwest, your south-facing windows will get the most sunlight.


Think Small

You don’t have to make big changes to make a big impact on the heat of your space. For example, have you ever noticed that the bathroom feels warm when you step out of the shower but the rest of the apartment is cold? Try leaving the bathroom door open so that hot, humid air can travel throughout your home and heat the nearby rooms equally. To heat one particular area, consider investing in a portable space heater or a heated foot warmer if you often work at a desk. At night, turn the heat down by 10 degrees to save on that electric bill. With an extra blanket, you won’t even notice the difference as you sleep.


Finally, cuddle with your pets! Our community is pet friendly and while a quick walk with the pup can get your blood flowing, sometimes cuddling on the couch with your furry friends is just what we all need. As they say, a cat on the lap is better than none.

Visit the U.S. Department of Energy website for advice on more energy-saving tips in your home. Let us know if you enjoyed this blog or suggest a topic we should cover in the future by dropping us a line over on Facebook or Instagram. See you next time!