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Romantic Stroll: Parks in Vancouver, WA

Life is full of simple pleasures! Sometimes a refreshing walk in the park is all you need for a wonderful date. Breathe the fresh, crisp winter air, and lock arms to stay warm and cozy. The best parks in Vancouver are a lot closer than you think, read on for a list of our top 3!


Leroy Haagen Memorial Park

Maybe we’re biased, but we really love this park. It’s right next to us, the grass is lush, the paths are clean, the trees are tall and beautiful! There are also tons of picnic tables, and a covered area to escape the wet weather. It’s the perfect place for a refreshing walk and a cute little picnic with your Valentine, Galentine, or paw-lentines!


Fort Vancouver and Officers Row

The fort itself is absolutely stunning, but walking along Officers Row is probably our favorite part of this giant park near downtown Vancouver. The gorgeous architecture speaks to another time, with widows walks, wrap-around porches, and lovely gardens. The trees lining the paths are beautiful any time of year, but especially during the fall and winter when it snows! Check it out on Instagram here. 


Esther Short Park

Right in the heart of downtown Vancouver is Esther Short Park. This popular gathering place is wonderful for a romantic stroll, with a gorgeous salmon run clock tower, fountains to splash in during the summer, a covered bandstand for the occasional live entertainment, and benches dotted along the paths to just sit and enjoy the moment. There are also tons of fantastic restaurants and coffee shops surrounding the park to visit before or after! Learn more here.