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Summer Reading and Best Bookstores near Vancouver, WA

With summer finally in our grasp, it’s the perfect time to create your summer reading list. There are a lot of new reads out there, that it can often get overwhelming figuring out where to begin! Well, why not a bookstore or a library? Here we’ll share with you some of our favorite places to find great reads as well as some helpful book recommendation lists to help get you started!


Barnes & Noble

If you’re looking to find everything in one place, starting at Barnes & Noble is probably your best bet. They’ve got a vast array of reads from mostly any genre you could think of and if they don’t have the book you’re looking for in-store, they can ship it for you! They’ve also got monthly book recommendations so you can come back and read something new every month.


Vintage Books

If you’ve got books to trade, Vintage Books is perfect for you. You can easily swap out your finished reads for new ones any day, no appointment necessary. This is a great alternative to buying new books as the prices will often be much cheaper. Vintage Books has a rotating list of recommendations and Staff Picks as well, and you can always ask an employee what they might suggest!


ShadowWalkers Comics

Of course, we can’t forget about our graphic novel lovers! ShadowWalkers Comics carries a full line of comics from multiple universes and for all ages. Amongst your favorite comic reads, you’ll also find unique trading cards and gadgets, and other collectible items. You might just go home with something you weren’t even looking for!


Hopefully, these bookstores offer a good place to start building your summer reading list. If you enjoy reading with friends, you might even want to start a local (or virtual) book club so you can talk about each read as you go through them. If you read anything good, be sure to share it with us!