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Top 5 Donut Shops in Vancouver, WA


Donuts are a classic breakfast staple and any time snack for when you’re in the mood for a treat. The fried dough rings are topped with a variety of flavors of glaze, icing, sprinkles, and occasionally filled with cream or jelly. But where can you find the best donuts in Vancouver? Read on to find out!


Mr. Maple Donuts

Donut themed art adorns the walls of this cheery donut shop with a large spread of donuts greeting you once you walk in the doors. Choose from a selection of their regular or fancy donuts, but donut worry - both come with a variety of toppings. Picking just one may be a challenge but you’ll know with one bite that you’ll be back to try more.


Donut Nook

The ‘70s live on in this wood-paneled shop, staffed by employees who’ve (mostly) been there for decades. Food & Wine Magazine says they’re the best in Washington, but it’s not just the donuts that are quality - it’s also the customer service and dedication to regulars and community. What do they do with leftover donuts you may ask? They get put in a special bin at a reduced price or donated to organizations like the Recovery Center or Veterans Affairs volunteers.


Tonallis Doughnuts & Cream

What goes with donuts almost as well as coffee? Ice cream of course! Tonallis has you covered on both fronts with their location on Fourth Plain doubling down on a donut and ice cream display, made fresh in store. Their regular lineup includes plenty of unique flavor combinations or, if you’re looking for an exceptional treat, they also take custom orders for giant donuts in any shape, letter, or number. This is definitely a go-to for your next special occasion!


Dot Donuts

Donuts, coffee, ice cream. This is the ultimate trifecta and all three are readily available at Dots. While they’re donuts are made fresh in house, they proudly serve Stumptown coffee and Cascade Glacier ice cream, both PNW-made favorites. When you get around to giving this shop a try, we recommend their beautifully marbled iced donuts.


Angels Donuts & Ice Cream

If you thought Tonallis sounded good, wait til you hear about Angels - same owners, different name! In addition to the standard fare of donuts and ice cream, you can also order a burger from this one-stop shop. Where else can you get an order of tots with a fresh donut? Talk about sweet and savory!


Voodoo Doughnut

When it comes to donuts, one more can’t hurt. That’s why we’re including a bonus sixth shop in this list of the five best places to get a donut in our city. The iconic pink box of Portland is finally crossing the river and opening their first Washington location next to the Vancouver Mall coming this November. While you can order a traditional donut here, they’re really known for their creative toppings and shapes like the ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ with Cap’n Crunch cereal pieces stuck with frosting or their vaguely doll-shaped namesake ‘Voodoo Doll’ complete with arms and pretzel stake - perfect for an overcast and spooky autumn day.