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New Year, New Goals

Kick-off the new year by setting some goals for 2021! As we look to the future, it’s always easier to stay focused and achieve our goals if we write them down and track them to stay accountable. There are many methods people have created to stay inspired and track their goals. Read on for a quick list of different methods to help you stay inspired, and for a list of craft stores near our Vancouver, WA apartments to pick up art materials to create dream boards, bullet journals, and goal boards. 


Dream Board

A dream board is basically a large poster with visual representations of your goals. The more accurate and focused the image is, the more helpful it will be. That being said, it can be more abstract if you prefer symbols and images that will inspire you over more literal interpretations. If you’re looking to create a dream board you can pick up a large poster board at Craft Warehouse. You can also find magazines to cut out images from at nearby stores like Winco, Safeway, and 7 Eleven. All are within a couple of minutes of Acero Haagen Park!

Bullet Journals

Bullet journals are a mixture of day planners and diaries. It allows one to keep track and log their daily to-do list and activities as well as jot down goals, intentions, and takeaways from the day. Some bullet journaling techniques allow you to draw out your planner and tasks in a free form manner. There are also pre-structured bullet journals sold in stores as well. You can always find them in the stationary and journals section at stores like Target just down Mill Plain. You can also find materials to make one yourself at Craft Warehouse!


Goal Boards

Goal boards, unlike dream boards, are more specific and less visual. A goal board helps you track the small goals you have that build up to your larger goals. The idea is to write down on sticky notes the big tasks and goals you want to achieve for that month. Stick them on the wall from easiest to hardest, or really any arrangement you desire. When you complete a goal, you get to take the sticky note off the wall. It’s super satisfying peeling them off as you crush your goals! This is perfect for keeping yourself accountable and tracking your progress. Examples of small goals for this method: make a dentist appointment, make a doctor's appointment, walk 10,000 steps a day this month, go bungee jumping, etc. 

You can find sticky notes at any of the aforementioned stores. 


Let’s start the year off on a good note! Hope this article helps in your goal setting! Come back next week for more food, fun, and vibrant living in Vancouver, WA.