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Selfcare Sunday! Spa Day in Vancouver WA

Selfcare is more important than ever with the extra stress of these unique times. Take a day to treat yourself this weekend, and book an appointment for a relaxing spa day at one of these local spas and wellness centers in Vancouver, WA. 


Lao Shan Massage

Lao Shan Massage is an incredible spa and wellness center in Vancouver. They specialize in massages and facials rooted in Ancient Chinese Acupressure Medicine. Their massages are especially effective in relieving pain and tension, using the same principles as acupuncture by focusing on body meridians and pressure points. They have a resourceful COVID-19 info page to ensure your comfort. You can book an appointment for a massage or facial on their website, they’re open 7 days a week! 


22 Changes Salon and Spa

22 Changes Salon and Spa is dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves! They have an impressive portfolio of hair transformations, but they have a whole suite of services beyond the salon chair. This spa also does massage in their Relaxation Room, along with facials, rejuvenating treatments, and waxing. They have everything you need for a total glow up, plus their super friendly staff! Check out their website to book an appointment! 


Monastic Wellness Center

Monastic Wellness Xpress is a chain of wellness centers that offer services following their Personal Recovery System. This system is for the treatment of muscles, to enhance the immune system, improve blood circulation, and the respiratory system. Their treatments include chiropractic care, massage, salt tourmanium, infrared therapy, and magnetic therapy. This wellness center is especially great if you’re looking for long term pain relief. 

All of these day spas and wellness centers are within 15 minutes of Acero Haagen Park. How do you like to spend your #SelfcareSundays? Snap a photo and share your routine with us on social media. See you next week for more Vancouver living!