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Wellness Benefits of Crystals and the Best Crystal Shop in Vancouver, WA

It’s time to get  grounded and use the power of crystals to balance the energy in your home. Crystals are perfect to add decorative style to your living space or to cleanse vibrations for a more relaxed lifestyle. Whether you’re in search of mental clarity, aiding sleep and relaxation, cleansing of negative energy, or even a good luck charm, many people use crystals for their respective spiritual properties. Here are our recommendations for the best places to find crystals that will lighten up your apartment at Acero Haagen Park.


Celestial Awakenings

Just 15 minutes away from Acero Haagen Park, you’ll be able to find a great selection of beautifully colored earth stones that you can use to embellish your home. At Celestial Awakenings you’ll be able to find a variety of  different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on your taste and spiritual objective. Pick up your choice of quartz as you’ll be able to find different kinds including Agate Blue Lace, Black Onyx, Angel Phantom, and a wide range more.  You can also find beautiful minerals including bronzite, argonite, celestite and more. In case you’re looking for something smaller you’ll be able to find most crystals in palm stone sizes. 


Earthbound Trading Company

Earthbound Trading Company has prepared crystals ready to use as decorations. They have created  beautiful yet charming hand-held trees that substitute leaves for stones of your choice. These are great to be used as desk decorations that help inspire creativity and relaxation. They also offer a tasteful selection of vibrant bracelets, necklaces, and rings to pair with your outfit this spring. 


Handley Rock and Jewelry Supply

Handley Rock is just another 15 minutes away from Acero Haagen Park and a 5 minute walk away from Earthbound Trading in case you need another look for the best crystal that will fit your home. This local shop brings stones from all over the world. Their current selection features beautiful rocks including Ethopian opal, quartz on pyrite from Peru, and elestial quartz from Brazil. 


Thank you for checking out our favorite crystal shops in Vancouver, WA. For more on information about their great selection, make sure to visit each shop’s website.