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Find Your Fit - Best Gyms and Yoga Studios in Vancouver, WA


It’s never too early or late to make a change and work on New Year’s resolutions. Working out more consistently tops the charts of people’s goals. In Vancouver, there are plenty of gyms and yoga studios that would be happy to welcome a new member. Take a look at this list and see if any spark your interest!


For a typical gym experience, there are plenty of options within a short drive of our community of Acero Haagen Park. Of course, we do have a great fitness center here at home, but for the added benefit of access to trainers and more machines these are the gyms we recommend for all levels of experience. Planet Fitness and Crunch Fitness both have plans starting at $10 per month. Gold’s Gym comes next with a monthly commitment of $35, followed by 24 Hour Fitness at $47. Orangetheory Fitness runs the highest with a basic membership of 4 classes per month being $59. Before you make any commitments, know that each of these gyms has free trial offers ranging from one session to multiple days so you can rest assured knowing you’ll love the gym you’re training in.


Yoga is a great alternative to the gym for those who are looking for a low-impact fitness regime with a focus on mental health in addition to physical health. For an experience guaranteed to have you sweating and making those muscles more limber, Hot Yoga Vancouver is a great option. Barre3 combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness into a full-body workout designed to empower you. Parallel 45 Yoga is the most affordable option from this list and offers a teacher training program if you decide to get extra involved in the PNW yoga community. Pure Barre takes inspiration from yoga, pilates, and ballet to provide a transformative workout made up of small movements to tone your muscles. Yoga Six has classes at different heats and intensities so you can find your flow at a level comfortable for you.

For more recommendations, read our blog from earlier this year about fitness classes in the area. Let us know if you enjoyed this blog or suggest a topic we should cover in the future by dropping us a line over on Facebook or Instagram. See you next time!