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Self Care Saturday: Make Time For Yourself at Acero Haagen Park


Self-care is an important part of a balanced mental health toolkit. We’ve previously discussed spa days and where you can go to get a massage in Vancouver, WA. We also talked about the benefits and ways to introduce digital detoxing into your routine. Now we’ll dive into a few ways you can elevate your at-home self-care from the comfort of your Acero Haagen Park suite.


Listen to Relaxing Music

How many times have you turned to music when you needed some cheering or to hit a new personal record in the gym? The same idea goes for using music to relax. The frequencies of certain notes have even been shown to have an impact on your brain waves. As you start in on a self-care regime, try playing classical music, different levels of binaural beats (theta or alpha may be best for meditation), or listening to this song which has been called the most relaxing song ever.



Starting a journal can help you reflect on your emotions and how you perceive the world. This can help you make better judgments by developing a deeper understanding of your reactions to large and small events with the added benefit of seeing your habits change over time when you go back to reflect on older entries.


Make a Face Mask

Face masks from the store are often full of harsh chemicals that occasionally cause unintended reactions. Our favorite face masks are the ones we make at home so we know exactly what’s going into them. The savings from using supplies we already have at home don’t hurt either! Try out one of these recipes to make the most of your next self-care day.

💫 1 TSP honey

💫 1 TSP coconut oil

💫 1/4 ripe avocado

💫 2 drops lavender essential oil


💫 2 Tbsp honey

💫 2 Tbsp ground oats

💫 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice

💫 4 drops tea tree essential oil


💫 2 Tbsp honey

💫 2 Tbsp orange juice

💫 1/2 banana


Nourish Your Body

You can accomplish this in many ways - taking a warm bath, drinking a soothing cup of tea, adding an extra serving of fruit or veggies to your daily meals. Our bodies are our homes and we should aim to take care of them by giving them the nutrients they need and the gentle treatment they deserve.

Now that you know what to do and have some helpful tips, it’s time to start relaxing. Take your next home-based spa experience in the right direction with good tunes, tasty tea, a fresh face mask, and personal time with a pen and notebook. Let us know if you enjoyed this blog or suggest a topic we should cover in the future by dropping us a line over on Facebook or Instagram. See you next time!